Personal Property Services

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The following are some of the Personal Property services that we can provide for you:

Personal Property Searches:
• Individual or business debtor name
• Serial number
• Registration number
• Distribution Seizure

Before purchasing personal property or accepting personal property as collateral for a loan, always do a personal property search to ensure the property is free and clear of any liens. By doing this, it protects the rights of buyers and creditors. If there is a lien registered against the property, the person requesting the search should contact the secured party or creditor for more information.


Registration of:
• Security Agreements
• Sale of Goods or Factors Act
• Garageman’s Lien
• Crown Charge
• Land Charge
• Statutory Charge
• Court Orders
• Writs of Enforcement
• Attachment Orders
• Matrimonial Property Order
• Maintenance Order
• Railway Rolling Stock and Receiver’s Reports
• Discharges, amendments and renewals

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Most interests are registered by completing a financing statement and submitting it to us. We, then, register it in Alberta Personal Property Registry Electronic System. We will check over the information that you submit. If the information is complete and acceptable for entry, it will be updated onto the Alberta Personal Property Registry Electronic System (APPRES) at which time a registration number will be generated and given to you. It is your responsibility to make sure that the information on any forms you submit is accurate. Particular attention should be made in completing the description of debtor names and serial numbers. When your interest is registered on APPRES, we will provide you with a verification statement confirming the registration information as it was recorded on APPRES. Check your verification statement carefully to make sure all information has been recorded accurately. The verification statement can be used to renew or discharge your registration.